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Scott Sackaney A Warriors Conquest

Inspirational and motivational speaker

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My Story

My name is Scott Sackaney and I was born September 15, 1994 in Brantford, Ontario. Life is a journey and it lays barriers across our path and throws challenges our way constantly. I learned the keys to being resilient and maintaining happiness is to not always fight back against life but to go with it.

 By the time I was 8 years old I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wanted to be in the Canadian armed forces. I believed it was a way for me to travel and see the world while living an adventurous lifestyle.  My mother and step father did everything they could to help me achieve my dream. I was a very active kid and teenager and to keep in shape I joined the army cadets at 12 and was enrolled into Taekwondo. I would also go jogging, biking and hiking as well. I`ve trained for about 8 years staying fit and active while struggling with school and getting into trouble at home and on the streets.

Being a rebellious teenager at 16 years old, I had ruined a good opportunity to join a military program designed for Indigenous youth. I later got my act together and when I turned 18 I was ready to join the armed forces. I enrolled online and was approved to move forward and complete the aptitude test. Once I got everything all sorted out and was ready to move forward I went out with some of my friends to celebrate. November 10th 2012 the weekend before I start living out my dreams, I went through a traumatic and life changing event where I was hospitalized and had my right arm and right leg amputated.

After realizing I had lost more then just my limbs but my dreams, goals and much more I went through stages of anger, depression, suicidal thoughts and addiction. I pushed loved ones away, stopped eating and sleeping and did things that I deeply regretted. I eventually ended up in jail which is where I hit rock bottom. It was in jail when I thought to myself “I’m done being a victim to my own thoughts, I may not know where I want to be in life yet but I do know where I don’t want to be and that’s in the streets, in jail or dead”.  Once I got out that’s when I started to live life differently, I graduated from high school and tried different things like acting and concert promoting. It was during my time with NPAAMB (Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board) where I learned what I wanted to do with my life.

I want to help motivate and inspire our worlds youth across the globe and Indigenous communities to conquer some of life’s greatest adversities and challenges. I now facilitate workshops based on resilience and happiness and do guest and keynote speaking across southern Ontario.

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What I’ve Done

Motivational speaker, The addictions forum

Summer of 2018

I shared my life story and the things that helped me face addiction with Indigenous elders, addiction councilors along with police and fire chiefs.

Motivational speaker, Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM academy

Summer 0f 2018

I shared my life story on how I over came the challenges life threw at me with the youth of Six Nations reserve.

Guest speaker, Opportunity knocks NPAAMB (Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board)

November 2019

I told my life journey and the challenges I faced growing up with 200+ Indigenous youth from across Canada.

Motivational speaker and workshop facilitator, Completing the circle The Career Foundation

January 2020 - present

I run and continually run workshops based on happiness and resiliency to multiple groups for the employment agency The Career Foundation across southern Ontario.

Keynote speaker, Futures 2020 conference First work Ontario

October 2020

I shared my life story to hundreds of people all across the globe on the tools I use to help me be more resilient and happy in life.

Motivational speaker, Youth 4 Youth workshop NPAAMB

March 2021

I spoke with indigenous youth from various NPAAMB employment programs around southern Ontario about my story of over coming barriers and where I ended up in life.

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Educational History

Learning and Living

September 2009 - November 2012

I went to Pauline Johnson high school from the year 2009 until I lost my arm and leg in 2012. I struggled with high school after the accident and switched to a school that was closer to where I lived.

grade 9 to grade 11 , Pauline Johnson

November 2014 - June 2015

After I dropped out of Pauline Johnson in 2012 I signed up with Grand Erie Learning Alternatives (G.E.L.A) and earned my high school diploma.

High school diploma, G.E.L.A

Starting July 19, 2021

Life coach ICF certified, Coach Canada Academy

I am getting ready to sign up for the life and wellness course at Coach Canada Academy to become internationally recognized as a life coach and mentor.

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Brantford Ontario, Canada


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